We take you to places you couldn't reach before

The SmartRTM has a simple mission:

we make it easy for businesses to enter and expand in Europe

We have bundled our 25 year experience of managing A-brands in the European Tech Consumer markets

and will create the Smartest Route to Market for you

We offer a full end-to-end service; from bringing your products into Europe, through sales, marketing, storing, shipping, invoicing to the channel & consumer

Our entrepreneurial way of working has been an important ingredient to extend the reach of businesses into new territories

Your European Sales Agency

With our experienced sales agent network you will have local retail experts taking care of your products in their consumer markets

We offer a customized tailer-made commercial service that is aimed at:

Protecting your brand(s) --- Building lasting relationships --- Maximize your ROI

For Scale-ups with new technologies SmartRTM creates special opportunities with our Retail & E-tail customers who have dedicated analog or digital shelf space for innovative products.

We can do this because SmartRTM has been trusted advisor to these Retail & E-tail channel partners for many years.

Additionally this allows our Retail & E-tail channel partners to buy your products from a single, knowledgeable, already listed & trusted source. 

We are happiest when we can make innovative products accessible through smart ideas for a wide audience of satisfied consumers

Full Service Logistics

Over the last two decades our distribution facilities are delivering a full service for many popular consumer brands.

We have developed a high quality service standard, customized to the needs of large retailers and E-tailers.

New brands and products can easily be phased into these processes.

SmartRTM offers a full end-to-end logistic service from importing to invoicing and everything in between. We have build this service in a modular way to fit your logistic needs for specific parts as well.

With our main warehouse and offices located in the Netherlands you will be perfectly placed for distribution into the European markets

Benefits for you:

  • One shipment point -> Cost efficient supply chain
  • Own centralised warehouse -> Efficient Inventory Holding
  • Quick route to all major retailers, e-tailers & distributors -> Get out with the Innovation before its too late!
  • Solid and proven Price and Channel Strategy -> Create a long and lasting relationships with the major accounts

One single delivery point in Europe!

Distribution service menu:

  • European warehouse & hub
  • Stock handling and reporting
  • Central and/or de-central level shipping
  • Integrated back-end system with main E-tailers
  • Merchandising & replanishing system VMI
  • Supply & listing contracting
  • Invoicing & insurance
  • European certifications and local registrations service
  • Reverse logistics

Using the Netherlands as your Gateway to Europe – VAT savings (Article 23 license)

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Smart RTM B.V.